Inishowen Heritage trail

Inishowen boasts a long and deep history of inspiring cultural and heritage sites some of which date back to early settlements, which include ancient forts, castle’s, stone circles and high crosses to name but a few. For more information and trails to follow we suggest you visit Inishowen Heritage trail  or Inishowen Heritage 

Some of our favorites are , Cloncha High cross and chapel (beautiful early stone carvings on numerous crosses and grave stones), An Grianan of Aileach (Great for Sunrise or sunset, but requires walking up from main road, carpark open dusk to dawn), The temple of Deen (this is on farmland with narrow laneway access, but there is two parking spots a the end of the lane, high wheelbase vehicle advisable, can also park on side of main road and walk) and Carrickabraghy Castle (if there is a large swell watch for the blow hole that shoots water high into the air up behind the castle)

Please note that some of the monuments listed are on private land, fortunately the majority of land owners do not object to visitors, however please respect their property and follow the Country Code.