Grianán of Aileach

Grianán of Aileach is probably the best known monument in Inishowen, County Donegal. Situated in Burt on a hilltop the view from the stone fort is breathtaking, the glistening waters of Lough Foyle and Lough Swilly are clear, as well as all surrounding counties.

The origins of the Grianán of Aileach fort are dated back to 1700 BC. It is linked to the Tuatha de Danann who invaded Ireland before the Celts and built stone forts on top of strategic hills. They worshipped Dagda (the Good God) and he too is associated with the origins of Aileach. It was he who ordered the building of a stone fort to act as a burial monument to his dead son.

Grianán of Aileach is located about 45 minutes from the cottage