Mamore gap

Just a short drive awayalong the Wild Atlantic Way is Mamore Gap, the steep terrain offers a challenge to drivers and cyclists alike. Once reaching the summit you are well rewarded by the panoramic views of the shoreline below, Atlantic ocean and the surrounding mountains. The Mamore gap was once the only route into the Urris Hills, to experience the best views we recommend travelling from south to north. Also there are several great hikes from the parking area just after the top of the gap, not to mention its a great picnic stop. 

From 1812-1815 the road through Mamore was barricaded and the area was declared the Poitin republic of Urris. The narrow gap and rugged terrain made the area a prominent location for poitin making and smuggling.

Now the Mamore gap provides breathtaking views to any who explore this magical part of northern Inishowen. 

Near the top of the gap is a holy well and statue of the virgin Mary. Pilgrims still visit on the 15th of August, the feast of the Assumption. A well observed feast/holiday in the area. 

After the summit on your decent watch for the white stone at the left side of the road. When you reach that stone, if the road is quite, stop your car and put it in neutral, slowly lift your foot of the brake. You will feel the car begin to roll forward seemingly uphill. You will have experienced one of Ireland magic roads.