The original cottage dates back to probably the 1700’s, the earliest surviving records from the early 1800’s show a thriving clachan (cluster of houses and outbuildings) From our estimates at its peak consisted of 3 cottages and 4 or 5 outbuildings. It’s impossible to put an exact date on when the first cottage was built.

It was inhabited by the Doherty’s and the McCaul’s until the last inhabitants emigrated to England in the 1950-60’s. From then on it was used as storage for potatoes or shelter for sheep and other livestock.

Almost all of the outbuildings had been removed from the land over the years and the trees planted on the windward side of the land had spread into the remaining wall stead’s. The original two cottages were joined together in one long row over 100’ long. Unfortunately the trees had done their damage to one end of the cottages by the time we purchased the property in 2018 it wasn’t much more than a pile of stones.

But luckily the other end of the two cottages was fairly structurally sound and savable condition. We applied for planning permission to restore the salvageable cottage and proceeded to restore it from 2019 until its completion in 2022. Today less than 1500 thatched cottages remain in Ireland and we are very proud to have saved this one from its inevitable doom and for future generations to enjoy.